Why Choose PiwiWiwi?

PiwiWiwi is a small, family-run campervan rental company. We aim to treat our customers as we would wish to be treated if we were renting a campervan in New Zealand! We provide great quality vans and award-winning customer service. The most important thing for us is that our customers have a fantastic holiday!

PiwiWiwi is consistently one of the highest rated campervan rental companies on the Rankers website (which is like Trip Advisor for NZ). Rankers is the only website where travelers can leave independent reviews for campervan rental companies in New Zealand. We are grateful and proud of the very kind words left by our past customers – check them out here.

PiwiWiwi are the only campervan rental company in New Zealand aimed specifically at surfers. Our vans all have surfboard storage straps fitted so that your board can be safely and easily stored within the campervan, keeping them out of your way until you find the perfect break.

PiwiWiwi are members of New Zealand’s Rental Vehicle Association. This means you can be confident of getting professional, honest service from us.

What we have over other rental companies:

  • We are a small firm who provide a personal service. This means no call centers, no clueless salespeople, just friendly like-minded souls. From the day you make first contact to the day you drop your van back after an amazing holiday, you’ll be dealing with us.
  • We’ll be able to provide you with personal recommendations and tips. If you have any questions or special requirements, don’t hesitate to discuss them with us at any stage of your holiday planning. We will do our best to answer them or accommodate you. Our aim is for you to have the best New Zealand roadtrip holiday you could wish for, and we’ll do all we can to make sure that happens.
  • We provide you with a car stereo that actually lets you play your music – our radios have Aux-in, USB-in & CD players that can play MP3 & WMA disks. We have also fitted better speakers in our vans. For your electronic gizmos we also have USB charging outlets front and rear. As far as we are aware, we are the only Campervan rental company with these features as standard.
  • For surfers – all our vans come with straps to hold your boards to the ceiling INSIDE the van. This means that you don’t have to store your boards on the outside of the van (where they could easily get stolen) nor do you have to keep tripping up over or sitting on your boards inside the van, whilst they occupy every bit of space you’d rather be occupying (the bed, the front seat, in front of the fridge). Have a look at them here.
  • We try to be as environmentally conscious as we can, and run our business as clean and green as possible. We donate a tree for every customer to offset the carbon footprint of your holiday, and offer advice on how you can keep New Zealand looking beautiful. More info here.

About Us

Why are we called PiwiWiwi?
Q. What do you call a Pommy (Kiwi slang for English person) that moves to New Zealand
A. A Piwi.
Q. What do you call a Welsh man that moves to New Zealand
A. A Wiwi?

So when an English girl and a Welsh man move to New Zealand, it makes perfect sense for them to start up a company calling themselves PiwiWiwi… right?

PiwiWiwi is Anna (a Piwi) and Niall (a Wiwi).

Niall is a keen surfer, mountain biker, climber and general outdoors kinda guy. He is a professional Mechanical Engineer but gets claustrophobic if stored in offices for extended periods. Niall has been messing about with vehicles for as long as he can remember. It used to be fast cars but all that changed when he borrowed a friend’s campervan 10 years ago!

Anna enjoys surfing, biking, climbing and hiking… but preferably on warm, sunny days. She also likes to cook, garden, do yoga, hug trees and generally make the world a prettier and happier place. She is the one behind the customer-facing side of the business (and making the vans look good and be full of useful stuff). In a previous life Anna was in environmental consultancy..

Why we set up PiwiWiwi Surf Campervans

In 2009, we got fed up with living and working in the UK and decided to travel around the world, checking out as many beautiful surfing and hiking destinations as we could find. We visited Bali, Sydney, New Zealand, the Cook Islands (scary surf there!), California, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia (no surf there!). Of all these amazing places, we found that New Zealand caught our hearts and we decided that one day we would like to call it home.

When we were in New Zealand we bought a campervan which was our home and wheels for the duration of our stay. Like many people before us, we discovered that a campervan is the perfect vehicle to explore the country. We arrived with one surf board and bought a longboard shortly after arriving for Anna to learn on. Niall (ever the engineer) fitted some handy straps to the roof and the walls of the van to keep our boards out of the way when they weren’t being used.

We met a lot of fellow campervanners along the way, often at surf breaks, and we realised that those travelling with surf boards had a very difficult time with their boards when they weren’t in use. They either took up all the room in the van or had to be stored outside the van, which is not the most secure place for them to be.

We realised that, despite the huge campervan rental market in New Zealand, no one was catering to the surf tourist population. With our experiences, ideas & knowledge we decided we would try to fill that gap and try to do it pretty darn well.

PiwiWiwi Surf Campervans NZ Values

We’ve been asked a few times why we’re in business and what our values are. We usually come up with a loose collection of words and a lot of ‘umm’s and ‘ahh’s. After being convinced that it’s very worthwhile knowing clearly what we value, we’ve come up with this description of our values:


Our number 1 value is Trust. We want you to Trust that we will deliver what we promise to deliver. We want to make your experience with PiwiWiwi easy and enjoyable. To gain and maintain your Trust we will be Competent. We will be Knowledgeable. We will be Helpful. We will provide high Quality and Good Value services.


A close second in our list of values comes Conscience. Everything we do as a business has to be something we personally believe in and are happy to do. We at PiwiWiwi have a Conscience and we try to keep it as clear as possible. It means conducting our business Ethically. It means conducting our business with Integrity. It means doing our best to be as Environmentally Friendly as we can,  minimising our impact on the planet and maximising what we do with the resources we use.

Fun, Friendly & Flexible

If you don’t enjoy your job, you’re doing the wrong job! We have Fun whilst we run PiwiWiwi and we want to pass this Enthusiasm for New Zealand surf and roadtrips to others. We love Meeting People and strive to be as Friendly and Helpful as we can, so they have Funtoo.  We are Flexible with the way we work, allowing you to have as much Fun and Freedom as possible.


To live and operate true to our values we need to be Innovative. We are always looking for better, more efficient, more sustainable ways of operating. We are constantly trying new things. We are very open to special requests, suggestions for improvement or constructive criticism.  We thrive on Challenging ourselves and Challenging other people’s perceptions of the New Zealand campervan market.

Those are PiwiWiwi’s values. They are important to us and they guide the operation of our company. We hope they strike a chord with you. We welcome your feedback, please get in touch if you have any!

Niall and Anna
April 2012

Our Eco Ethics

New Zealand is renowned for it’s unique landscapes, lush vegetation and unspoilt wildernesses. We moved to New Zealand because of this, and we’re committed to keeping it this way.

In both our home and our business, we try to make sure our actions have as small an impact on the environment as they can.

  • We recycle and compost our waste, sending as little as we can to landfill. Oil, batteries and tyres are taken to the tip to be disposed of in the correct way.
  • We buy environmentally friendly cleaning products and we wash our vans with as little water as we can get away with.
  • We buy food that is in season (so hasn’t been flown half way around the world) and, where possible, has been produced locally.
  • We support other local businesses, so we don’t have to drive as much!

Little changes to our everyday actions can make a big difference in the long run, and we’re continually learning of new ways to save energy and protect the environment.

All the good stuff that you do at home can also be applied to life in a campervan. Our vans come with a Clean & Green campervanning guide which gives you tips on reducing fuel use, reducing and recycling your waste, and protecting the great outdoors whilst you’re visiting this beautiful country.

Carbon Offset

Flying to New Zealand and then renting a vehicle to tour the islands gives your holiday a large carbon footprint, there is no getting away from this fact. In order to help offset our carbon footprint and those of our customers, PiwiWiwi has chosen to donate a tree on behalf of every customer we have.

Rather than signing up to a generic ‘carbon offset’ scheme, PiwiWiwi has chosen to support a local award winning organization – Whaingaroa Harbour Care. Whaingaroa (the Maori name for Raglan) Harbour Care grows and plants native trees along streams and harbour edges within the Whaingaroa catchment, in order to stop sediment runoff from the land and therefore improve the local water quality. The results of their work have been dramatic – cleaner water in local streams has resulted in a cleaner harbour, leading to better fishing, safer swimming and surfing, and improved habitats for marine life and other wild life.

For more information, check out their website at www.harbourcare.co.nz. If you would like to further offset the carbon footprint of your holiday by making a donation to this worthy cause, let us know when you book your van.